Welcome to Peacock Class
The Big Workout
What Peacock class say...
 Peacock Class have had an amazing start to school. They make me proud every day with the way they learn and care for each other.   I asked them what they liked about school and this is what they said;

“We always come in quietly.” Theo

“I enjoy learning with all the new things.”   Rosie

“I like playing with the playdough. I stick things in it to make patterns.”   Mason

“I have been learning outside riding the bikes.”   Michael

“I like building in the workshop.”   Elliot

“I like playing with the conkers, filling them up to the top and counting them.”   William

“I like being outside in the workshop.”   Holly

“I like playing outside with the hula hoops.”   Amelia

“We love learning with our friends.”   Noah S

“We share the toys.”   Jack

“I like learning with the puppet show.”   Lexi