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Hawk class trip to the National Space Centre

We split into our groups and went to different places when we got there. We had lots of fun, there was soooooo much to do. In one area, we got to be news reporters and our faces were on a big screen.

There was also a virtual reality room where we nearly landed on a planet and almost flew into an erupting volcano. We controlled a little space robot too - I was pretty good at that because I got him to places really quickly.

The planetarium included a 360 degree view of space. It felt strange to see all the planets above me, Year 5 really enjoyed that experience.

I don’t really have a favourite part of the trip as I enjoyed it all, honestly. I would recommend this trip because it was so much fun and I learnt a lot about space.

Harvey Year 5



What Hawk class have to say;

Hawk class are enjoying their learning about ‘Earth and Space’;

“I am enjoying our book ‘Cosmic’ because it has taught me a lot of new words.”   Zoe

“Everyone is excited for the trip to the National Space Centre and it’s Planetarium.”   Harvey

“I’ve enjoyed painting our own space picture because I love art and school.”   Elektra

“I really liked using ‘Now Press Play’ because we got to meet Neil Armstrong!”   Matthew