Welcome to Owl Class
Here is what Owl class have to say:

“I am really enjoying our topic ‘Predators’. I also like the owl I made and I like music lessons.”   Maisy

“I enjoy our topic ‘Predators’ and I like our work on it.”   Alfie

“I love maths because my work book is fantastic.”   Lucy

“I really like everything.”   Dominic

“I really enjoy the ‘Predators’ topic and I enjoyed making my collage.”   Alexander

“I’m enjoying English because I enjoyed writing a letter to Mrs Cross.”   Aimee

“I am really enjoying doing maths and English and spellings and music. I also like French.”   Oakley

“I am really enjoying all of school because it’s a lovely place to be.”   Holly



Owl Stone Age Day at Outback2Basics

We went on our school trip to Outback2Basics in Telford. It was amazing and the best school trip I have ever been on!

When we arrived, we were met by two cavemen called Ollie and Dan. They told us all about life in the Stone Age. Some of us even got to dress up as cave people, which was really funny!

After that, we got taken to an outdoor classroom with a real fire and Ollie showed us how to make spear heads from slate and sandstone which we got to keep.

Finally, we met a massive woolly mammoth called Matilda!   Joseph