Welcome to Owl Class

Owl class Animal Experience

Owl class had a special visitor, Domanique from Zoolabs brought her animal friends along to help teach the children about Predators, Prey and Food chains;

“My favourite part was when we all got to stroke the fluffy rabbit.”   Nicole

“I liked the snake .”   Kenzie

“I liked the rabbit because it was so soft.”   Hollie

“My favourite was the soft rats.”   Freya

“I liked holding the cockroach - it tickled.”   Luis

“My favourite thing was when we saw the rabbit.”   Olivia-Rose

“I liked seeing all of the animals!”   Elzie—Mae

What Owl class have to say;

Years 1 to 6 visited Dordon Library, the classes paired up and enjoyed reading books together. Here is what Owl class enjoyed about the visit;

“I really liked going to the Library, I liked the part where we got to choose as many books as we liked to read.”   Kenzie

“The Library had lots of books to choose to read with a partner.”   Luis

“I had a lot of fun at the Library.”  Elzie-Mae

“The Library was amazing because we could read any book we wanted.”   Finley

“I had a magical time reading a book with my partner.”   May