Welcome to Swift Class
Here is what Swift class have to say:

“For our theme, ‘Bottoms, Burps and Bile’ we did taste testing of smoothies. My favourite was super juice which had raspberry in it.”   Finlay

“At first I didn’t want to try the smoothie but when I tried them I liked all except just one.”   Megan

“I love Swift because we have fun activities and books. My favourite smoothie was magnificient mango because I love mango. Swift class is the best.”   Charlie

“My favourite smoothie was the red one even though I liked them all! Thank you Mrs Potter for buying such tasty smoothies.”   Hatti

“I did not want to taste the smoothies but I tasted it and I loved one and now I want to do it again.”   Dylan

“I liked super juice and magnificent mango and I love Swift class because we do fun things”   Olivia P

“I liked the 5th chapter of ‘Charlotte’s Web’ when we meet clever spider Charlotte and learned what she does.”   May




Swift class Viking Day

I loved Viking day so much for countless reasons. The first thing that happened was the Viking man asked us lots of questions about the Vikings and lots of people answered the questions. If anyone impressed him he would give them a golden ring. Some people got to wear armour and some people got to have blankets over them and pretend they were asleep on a boat. In the afternoon we had a Vikings vs Anglo Saxon’s battle with shields and spears. At the end of the day he told us a story.   Finlay