Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day


This month, we decided to hold an ‘Appreciation Day’ at Dordon.  This event gave us the opportunity to celebrate how great we are!  Appreciation Day was all about the children noticing the wonderful things their peers do and the adults around them.  Each child had two wristbands and they were tasked with the job of giving a child or adult a wristband based on something they appreciated about them.  It was a valuable day for the children as they realised they were special and an integral part of the jigsaw.  Children stopped me around school to tell me they had received a wristband and shared why:


"I have got a wristband for being a great friend!"


"I got a wristband for being good at gymnastics."


"I got a wristband for always saying good morning."


The children also reflected carefully on those around them, which was a pleasure to observe.  Pupils tracked me down if I was not in my office and gave me wristbands too.  I was told that I was a 'good role model' and I organised 'fun days' which was testament to the wonderful students we have at Dordon.  I know other colleagues felt touched by messages they received too.


What a heart-warming day!