Sports Day

Today, we welcomed our parents into school for our annual Sports Day. The children enjoyed cheering on their House teammates throughout the day and I also saw some parents who were getting pretty competitive too!


Sports Day not only allows our pupils to have fun together, but it also teaches the skills of determination, growth mindset and healthy competition. I observed children who were delighted they had won races and those who were disappointed they had lost. We as adults know that life can throw many challenges our way and it is important that we are teaching our children how to be resilient and not let disappointment get the better of us. These skills prepare children for later life.


Events such as Sports Day, can help to build these vital skills in all of our pupils. During the day, staff watched pupils congratulating winners, supporting those who had lost and motivating those who were nervous. A very successful Sports Day by all accounts.


Thank you to all those families who attended, bringing your Dordon spirit with you and a big thank you to Mr Tiernan for leading the day.