Online Safety - Useful information

Online Safety

Online safety is an essential part of keeping children and staff safe at Dordon Primary School.
The use of online communication within school is monitored extensively, both internally and externally, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable content. Online safety incidents which are reported by staff or children are recorded and managed in accordance with the Online Safety Policy.  All children are taught about how to be responsible, safe internet users and are taught the skills which are needed in order for them to protect themselves against online dangers both inside and outside of school.
We appreciate the support of parents in helping us to be successful in keeping children safe online. The following websites provide easily accessible information and reporting routes for parents, in relation to issues such as online bullying, grooming, sexting, privacy settings, social media and radicalisation.
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre provides online and offline support to children and parents on issues such as bullying, viruses, webcam/video chat use and photo distribution. Parents and children report specific online safety concerns here. You will find this link on our eSchools homepage.
Think U Know provides information and activities to educate children and parents on how to stay safe online. 
Internet Matters provides accessible information on issues such as sexting, radicalisation, online grooming and your online reputation.
This magazine has been created to inform parents on the various devices children are accessing today and it includes various ‘How to’ guides on issues such as privacy controls on gaming and social media sites