This month, we received our Ofsted report after our visit in February.  We sent it to our Dordon families and hopefully you were all as delighted as we were with such positive feedback.


We know that our pupils feel safe and happy at school and staff are dedicated to the education and well-being of all children but it was a fantastic feeling to have that acknowledged by the Ofsted team.

I also wanted to thank parents who filled in the Ofsted survey or spoke with the inspectors on the playground. Your overwhelming support of Dordon shone through.


As always we have development points, attendance being one of them, but we will continue to strive for excellence for the good of our pupils regardless of who is visiting.


I am so proud of Dordon and all we have achieved! Most of all, I am utterly in awe of our pupils, who exemplified respect, acceptance and resilience in abundance throughout the Ofsted visit, proving what we already know - Dordon is a very special place.