Easter Celebrations

Easter Celebrations


This week, we joined Reverend Liz at St Leonard's Church to sing, listen to our beautiful Year 6 readers and watch the Open the Book team share an Easter story.  It genuinely is heart-warming to see all of Dordon cram into the church.  I also know the congregation, who dedicate so much of their time to St Leonard's, really look forward to the children coming to visit.  They always tell me how polite and friendly Dordon pupils are.


We also held our KS1 Easter Bonnet parade and for KS2, the Egg Gallery.  We had a superb turnout for the parade; it was a joy to see so many happy faces - I may have spotted some tears of joy from our parents too.

The KS2 children did not disappoint either, bringing in creative designs which they had clearly spent a lot of time on.  


Thank you to all parents who supported their children to make something this Easter, I know you are all very busy but seeing the children so proud of themselves makes it worthwhile.