RAF Visit

WW1 Aviation Trust - Simulator Day


The National Arboretum asked Dordon to take part in a WW1 aviation day.  The aim of this exciting opportunity was to inform the children of the challenges that the early aviators overcame and inspire the children to look at aviation as a possible career path one hundred plus years later – pilot, systems operator, engineer, manager, air traffic.  The opportunities are endless.


The Civil Aviation Authority funded the WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust to visit 50 schools over a 12 month period and one hundred and thirty-seven schools applied so Dordon is one of the lucky ones.


Year 5 and 6 pupils got the chance to fly in a WW1 simulator on any one of 6 missions in the VR programme mounted on a flight simulator of 1915 design. The day included a quiz on the life of the amazing pilot who designed the simulator which finished with a drawing competition at the end of each quiz session.


The children were also challenged to write their own poem about WW1 on seeded paper to be flown to Northern France next year and dropped at suitable sites for our French counterparts to collect, read, plant and then send their own back. There were even prizes for the winners of each competition.

The children had a wonderful day which enabled them to experience what it would be like to work in aviation.  We want our children to reach for the stars and see what the world has to offer.  What a fabulous day for all thank you to Dick, Ed and Ant who taught us so much.