Manor Adventure

Each year, I have the pleasure of accompanying Year 6 from both Dordon and Wood End. It is 4 days of fun-packed mayhem! The children were impeccably behaved last weekend. They made new friends, shared new experiences and had lots of laughs. The staff also found themselves chuckling on many occasions.
The aim of the weekend is to promote independence and resilience before the children start on their high school adventures. We did try to get children to be independent but were not always successful - I cannot count the number of times children had to be sent back to find the right clothes, water bottle or inhalers! I was so proud of all our children - their manners and determination were recognised by the centre staff and lots of children overcame their "I can't" attitude. Weekends like this do not happen without the support of brilliant staff.
The staff that accompany this trip volunteer their own time to ensure the children have access to this experience. I want to offer my thanks to Miss Fellows, Miss Moss, Mr Chape, Mr Whitehead (aka Harmonica man) and Miss Genge. Their energy and support were amazing all weekend and I am sure they have discovered greater levels of patience.
Many brilliant memories were made and we will all look back on this experience with smiles.
Mrs Cross