Memories from Y6

Here is what the children in Year 6 have enjoyed most about their time at Dordon:

Jacob – “In Year 4, I can remember we were playing football and I never usually get the ball. A Year 5 at the time, the goalkeeper kicked it out, it was on the halfway line bouncing, I lifted my left foot (my weak foot) up, it connected with the ball, and it curled into the cones, meaning I won us the game!”


Rosie – “I remember when I got star pen.”


Theo – “I remember in Reception, everyone used to sing ‘I am a chicken nugget’ in the Reception toilets.”


Jack – “When Jacob fell out of his canoe five times at Manor Adventure.”


Michael – “I remember when I was jumping off a box and trying to do 360’s off it. Jack asked if he could jump too, and he was only doing a 180. This started a little argument about it.”


Millie – “When we did a sports competition and our school got 3rd place.”


Oliver – “I was playing rounders and I hit the ball. Michael was too close behind me and I accidentally hit him. He was okay though and found it funny.”


Mollie – “When Mrs Hopkins spilt her coffee and curry on our books, and the next day we came into school to the smell of curry.”


Hollie – “On Sports Day, Jack did a roly poly and then continued to run.”


Charlie – “When we were practising the leavers’ play, Lacey said that her name was mascara!”


Josh – “Mason got a stick in his leg by falling over on the grass part of the playground”


Amanda – “In Year 5, we went to the Hippodrome and Mr Tiernan said not to eat anything because it was rude, but then he started to eat his popcorn!”


Holly – “In Reception, at break, after the whistle was blown, me, Lacey and Rosie stayed outside, and we started pouring water over each other’s heads."


Kaitlin – “My friends making me laugh.”


Sze Wan – “I enjoyed Manor Adventure. I was very dramatic on the abseiling wall.”


Lacey – “When Holly pushed me into the goal and screamed GOAL really loud. The goal ended up falling down.”


Logan – “At Manor Adventure, Josh fell off the kayak and it was really funny.”


Daniel – “At Manor Adventure, I was going down the zip wire. I started screaming and everyone said it sounded like a chicken.”


Bella – “At Manor Adventure, my room had a party with glow sticks and beach balls.”


Elliot – “I remember when Harrison brought spaghetti to Manor Adventure and after the fire drill, the spaghetti was all over our suitcases.”


Anashe – “Making lots of new friends and doing fun activities.”


Mason – “I remember falling over and getting a stick stuck in my leg.”


Noah – “When Mason ran into the wall in the underground maze at Manor Adventure.”


Alfie – “When Tommy fell up the stairs.”