Parent Advice



Road safety code for parents

  • Park away from school gates
  • Always hold hands with young children
  • Remember – your child will copy you
  • Every road means STOP, LOOK, LISTEN
  • Never get children out of a car roadside
  • Think safer places to cross the road
  • Secure your child’s car seat correctly
  • Think Who’s Looking

School years

  1. Always used the appropriate child car seat for your child and vehicle and ensure it is fitted correctly
  2. Talk to your child about road safety whenever you are out and about
  3. Encourage your child to talk to you about keeping safe near roads
  4. Lead by example – use the Road Safety Code:
    • THINK about the road
    • STOP before the kerb and wait
    • LOOK and LISTEN for traffic
    • THINK about what to do
    • CROSS the road safely, looking and listening all the time

Children in primary schools learn the following key messages:

  • Reception class – hold hands with a grown up and stop before the kerb
  • Year 1 – who can help them cross the road safely and STOP, LOOK and LISTEN
  • Year 2 – safe places to cross the road
  • Year 3 – crossing at junctions and in between parked cars
  • Year 4 – to see and be seen by drivers and other road users
  • Year 5 – to take responsibility for their own actions and lead by example
  • Year 6 – think about the journey to secondary school, new ways of travel, and how to plan a safe route